Tuesday, May 14, 2013

6 Months!

Since the last time I posted, so much has happened it seems. Nathanael continues to bless us each day. Phil and I are loving parenthood and have enjoyed watching our young man develop and learn new things. Lil’ Nate is an active boy! By now, he can sit on his own and plays with his toys. He is curious! He army crawls ALL OVER the place and is walking in a walker like a champ. YIKES! With these abilities, he is getting into things and loves to explore so, I have to keep a pretty good eye on the kid. I can’t believe he just turned 6 months old!

Catching up on posting some pictures…


…my son. my love. my joy.


Nathanael playing at Aunt Anne’s with little cousin, Casey.


She’s so dainty.

Red rose

IMG_4445 (2)

Reading a book with Daddy. Naked.

Smile with tongue out


…walking in a walker!

And, SO proud of himself.


…um, that’d be throwing a fit. TIRED.

Sleepy smile


Grandma came to visit from Michigan last month.

…playing and talking about life.

And, yes…we recently stocked up on toilet paper. Embarrassed smile


…a face smoosh.


Picture Perfect!


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April Phone Pic Faves


Until next time!