Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nathanael’s Room

For the most part, Nathanael’s room is complete.

There are a few things I still need to organize…but there will always be that task. Winking smile


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Above is a picture of the blanket my Mom made for Nathanael. Isn’t it adorable?!

I love the print on the fabric and on the other side it is so very soft.

My sister made the cute little pillow sitting there.

In fact, my sister came over one day and really helped me out with the finishing touches.

It was nice to point to things and have her move stuff or nail things up. Winking smile

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I was really excited about this light switch I found on ebay.

And, my coworker gave me this print of Fess Parker. I’m a Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone fan.

Supposedly…I’m related to the real Daniel Boone. I remember my grandmother telling me he was my cousin, 6 times removed or something silly like that. Haha.

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These drawings are pretty neat and I’m glad I could incorporate them in the room.

My grandfather sketched these cowboys in the 1970’s. That wooden statue also belonged to him.

He was a pretty amazing man, my grandpa Bill. Talented in so many ways. I miss him.

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Hand-Me-Down Boots from Nathanael’s cousin, Micah.

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A little bit of our honeymoon. Aruba has a special place in my heart. Red heart

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A room isn’t complete without wiener dogs, right?

My niece, Bekah, calls me the aunt with all the wiener dog statues.

Oh my goodness. I don’t even know how I became THAT aunt. It sort of makes me cringe. Annoyed

But, you know what?! In my defense, these ones are special. Phil’s mom gave me the planter one. It will be perfect for little nic-nacs. And, that tiny little guy…that one was my Grandma Donna’s.

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That framed cowboy is a greeting card my mom found in a box of old cards of my grandma’s.

My sis found that measuring grid at a garage sale.

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More little details. It is all a bit eclectic…but I like it. In fact, I love it. It’s my baby’s room. And, I can’t wait for him to occupy it.

More than anything…I can’t wait for him to occupy my life.

His daddy and I love him so much already and we haven’t even met.

Soon! Any day now….

Baby Shower # 3!

The goodness just keeps coming. Each day I am reminded how incredibly good I have it. My sister, mom, and aunt gave me a baby shower at the beginning of October. It was a party I could never forget. And, it was oh so vintage. Just how I like it.

I was in love with the decor . The Tinkertoy bouquets were a nice touch.

The quilt beneath this little arrangement was made by my dad’s grandmother…so, my great grandmother.

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Children’s books from days gone by.

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Also, my mom’s collection of lovely “old” glasses and dishware were put to good use.

Just look below at the Little Red Riding Hood baby bottle. How sweet.

I wonder what it was like to use those back in the day… Or, how many frantic moms dropped them and broke them? They are glass. Ha.

Well, these ones survived…which I’m happy about. Winking smile

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A delightful brunch…with some sweets too! Winking smile

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My sister made the felt bunting and even took pages from a children’s book and hung them over a window. So creative.

The details and colors really worked well together.

I even saved some of the felt bunting for Nathanael’s room. You’ll see pictures of that in an upcoming post!

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In the first picture in this post, you saw the quilt made by my great grandmother. Well, there were a few other pieces of handiwork lying around.

The red, white and blue quilt was made by my great grandma Hazel, on my mother’s side.

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This next quilt you will see was made by my Grandma Carleene for my mom when she was a baby.

Seems like the generations have been good about making quilts and blankets to pass down.

Eeek! I have the rest of my life to learn how to quilt, right?

My mom has even made Nathanael a blanket already. And, it’s practically flawless. I’m telling you people…my mom is nearly perfect when it comes to her domestic side.

I’ll make sure to include a picture of that when I show you his room.

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Of course, there were presents. Opening them was so much fun! Baby items galore!

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But…beyond the memorable décor and gifts, the people that came truly MADE the shower what it was.

It was a time of gathering with loved ones, feeling supported and cherished.

When people make you feel cherished, you know you are blessed to have them in your life.

Here are Philip’s sisters, Kathy and Anne, Aunt Karla, and cousins, Amy and Holly.  All such pretty ladies.

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My college roomie and sweet friend, Amanda.

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My high school buddy, Sarah.

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My mom looked so cute in this picture. I just had to post it.

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My Aunt Lori and cousin, Amy.

Oh, and of course, my adorable niece, Leah. She was only there for a little while until her Daddy took her home to rest. Being cute is tough! Winking smile

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Beautiful Michelle, holding her little guy, Branson.

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Friends and colleagues, Desiree and Michelle. People who make me smile.

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Kristen, Janet, Donna, Sandy, Bekah, and Aunt Becky. So glad they all were there.

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My sister, Emily, and her little helpers, Bekah and Anna.

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My sister and Mom.

I admire them and how they have mothered their children.

I have some good role models to look up to and seek advice from, that’s for sure.

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All in all…a positively perfect day.

Great décor, great food, great gifts, and great people.

Did I say that word enough? It was G-R-E-A-T!

Thanks to EVERYONE for making it a highlight of my pregnancy.

Red heart